2 way denim


There is something so comforting about wearing denim, no?┬áIs it because we are taken back to the 90’s where all the pop stars (yes, I just said pop stars) wore those oversized jackets, mom jeans and made it look so chic. Flashback to watching Lauryn Hill’s That thing video. El come back to the year 2016 geez.

I used to love looking at girls that wore white denim jeans…that sounds kinda creepy so I will bring your mind back by saying I loved white jeans from afar and never having the courage of my own to wear them. However, since grabbing a few white skirts and pants, I think I have made a complete 360 on this. My preferred denim to wear is definitely white. Not the classic blue Levi-type jeans, noooo.

Especially in Dar es Salaam where the temperatures are usually scorching hot, this is a lifesaver. I decided to style my look with some heels perfect for a date night or when you are just out on the town.

What are the other ways you are styling denim 2 ways? Let me know below.

Photography by @jpsenyonyi

Denim Denim Denim Denim Denim Denim


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