80’s vibes


I have always been a fan of the bohemian-old-style-vibes trend. Anything from the tie & dye, bell bottoms, wedges to anything with tassels, I am instantly drawn. So it was no surprise when I made my mind up that these culottes would be coming home with me the second I saw them.

I love “shopping within my closet” something I say all the time. Taking the conventional outfit and repurposing it to look completely different. With this look, I tried that out and am happy with the final look. The “top” is actually a dress I got a while back from Topshop. I have also realized that my closet has a whole load of black or white. So this was a great way to add color to my usual look.

I cannot express how in love I am with these culottes. They are wide legged and better still high waisted **score** Have any of you tried shopping within your closet? What are the most interesting outfits you have created?

Earrings & Shoes – Zara // Dress – Topshop // Culottes – Dona Desvan

Photography – @jpsenyonyi

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