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Glam Glow

Thought I would take a break from my usual Fashion posts to write about some seriously sexy mud from Glam Glow. I have talked about how I am an advertisers’ dream, I mean use some influencers that appeal to me, with them showing some phony results and am sold. However recently I have decided to be more cautious about what I put into my body and apply onto it.

If you read my Kiehl’s skincare review, I talk about the current state of my skin. I decided to add something in addition to my wash and exfoliation products to my skincare regimen. After hours of going through YouTube videos, I decided to take my chances with Glamglow’s clearing treatment that specifically concentrates on problem skin…aka where I fall.

Besides the amazing packaging, I love the fact that although it is a mask, it doesn’t end up making your skin feel so tight once it dries out. I have literally sat comfortably for a good 30 minutes with this on my face. I mean, gone are the days when we thought the tighter it is, the more efficient. Most of all, the after effect. To be honest, I was not expecting acne free skin after one application, but I got even better. My skin felt so fresh and clean (not referencing the song at all) but it feels smoother, brighter and more supple.

Glam Glow


Glam Glow


Glam Glow


I know the skincare trend at the moment is multi-tasking, as usual, I might be late on that but for the moment I am happy seeing where my relationship with Glamglow ends.

Glam Glow


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  1. Loraine
    September 7, 2016 / 5:27 pm

    Glowy El ..💎

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