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Sitting here writing this post and I cannot help but reminisce walking the streets of Rue de Faubourg which was close to where we stayed and exploring the vibrant city of Paris. This is the point where I will throw in a cliche that we have all so heard about France and particularly Paris, but here goes…this city is not rated enough. Yes, we hear about the romance and watch all these movies with the stylish Parisienne women strutting their stuff in stripes and red lipstick, it is not a LIE.

Raving aside, 1 thing I have always loved is the language of which I miserably failed to carry on even after months of study due to my lack of practice…massive FAIL. If you are into history, pretty much any corner of Europe will help you with that. However, even though some of the countries have become more modern than others, Paris has retained its culture and history. Meaning I definitely recommend this destination whether you have a significant other to explore with or just with friends.

Below is my travel guide version which you can refer to in case you are planning your trip 🙂


// WHAT TO DO //

It might sound very touristy, (but si that’s the reason I travel or nah?) but I love to take the city tour bus. You know the big red one that allows you to hop on and off, right. Since I can hop on and off, I get to explore more sections of the city while getting a free ride of sorts. In Paris, we took the 2-day bus that wanders off the obvious attractions to show you the Moulin Rouge and Sacré-Cœur among others.

We also walked our heels off in Paris and would encourage you to take comfortable walking shoes when exploring. We would wake up and walk no less than 5km in a day. I loved it because this, was me giving into a “workout” – remember those resolutions at the beginning of the year – yep…hitting those goals. That aside, most of the attractions are really within walking distance, you would be surprised at how much you could see in a 20-minute walk. If you are particularly a fan of architecture, Paris is very renaissance.

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We all know that France is known for foods from snails, frogs legs down to their delicious pastry and desserts. Yes, let your taste buds explore. For the restaurant, hands down I would recommend Au Bon Accueil which is a Michelin star restaurant located about 2 minutes from the Eiffel Tour. Paris is filled with corner cafes, you definitely wouldn’t lack a good meal while there.



Due to the influx of tourists in cities like Paris, the cost of a hotel can be ridiculous especially when spending longer than 3 nights. I say this with some bias of course. Clearly not a fan of hotels due to reasons like being rushed to have my breakfast at a certain time (I mean is it high school all over again??), I am forever thankful for Airbnb. You would be surprised at how affordable and really well maintained some individuals keep their homes. We found a multitude of great places on the app that allow you to have breakfast and check out at leisure…SHADE! Consider this for your next trip.


Hope you enjoyed my travel guide and if you do travel and try out one of the recommendations, let me know on either of my social media channels :).



  1. Loraine
    July 26, 2016 / 4:23 pm

    Great post and shots ❤️

    • Eleanor Mirembe
      July 27, 2016 / 11:06 am

      Thanks darling 🙂

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