Kiehl’s skincare review


I will start by pointing out that I am in no way an expert come skincare. I mean, I am a marketers’ dream since I am seriously susceptible to advertising. I watch YouTube videos, walk into a store and buy those products that appeared on everyone’s “favorites” video but not on the “products not worth the hype” list.

Even to the point where the blogosphere was raving about the Kiehl’s range of products that I went out and bought a whole bunch of them after testing only 2 of their products, **facepalm. I told you, no expert here. But I will tell you a few things I have learnt about skincare along the way.


// Our skin goes through different stages just like we do. Early this year I committed to drinking more water. And man do I drink that water now. We aren’t talking 2-3 glasses, more like 3 liters a day. And although this did wonders for my skin a few months ago, oily skin will always be just that, oily skin.

// Our skin types are different. We all know this and have heard about it so many times yeh yeh yeh. But seriously, let’s take the analogy of 2 best friends. Although they are the same age and have been through the same experiences, their lives, backgrounds and the way they think about life differs. Same thing with skin.

// Blindly buying products leads to loss of money and a build-up of clutter. But you already knew that.

I know what you are thinking, so what is your routine? Why are they Kiehl’s pictures all over the post? Are you now using Samona or nah? Calm down, we getting there.


Okie so I jumped the gun with some of these products not because they didn’t work and weren’t worthy of my face. I mean, I’ve dedicated a whole post to the brand. They actually did a great job, but my skin is on a whole new journey now. This means that at the moment, my skin is prone to acne….I know…it’s like I am reliving my adolescent stage all over again **sigh.** The products I use therefore need to assist with the acne. None the less, my run down and thoughts below in order of application:

// Creamy eye treatment with Avocado

In all honesty, I bought this for the avocado. Or nah? I actually use this all round, when my skin is normal and when it’s acne prone. I love the fact that you literally feel it working once applied under the eyes giving you that fresh-faced look. This is usually the first step once my face is washed and dry. The best part is that this can last you a long while since you need just a bit. So don’t let the tiny canister fool you.

// Daily reviving concentrate

I love this stuff. Unfortunately, I am not using it at the moment since it is oil based. However, if you are a fan of the dewy look and softer than life skin, this will become your best friend. I have to mention here that if you have oily skin, this might not be your guy. Per contra, if you have a rocky skin type which cannot decide what it wants to be, go for it when your skin is either dry or normal. I mean, we all need a serum in our lives. I love the fact that this product lifts my skin with an added glow.

// Ultra facial cream

Nothing extraordinary about this product. It does the job of being a moisturizer, doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry and all. But after the first 2 steps, whose skin wouldn’t feel that way, ha. Again, this is something I have put on the shelf for now.

// Midnight recovery concentrate

Many of the reviews I read on this product raved about it. Maybe my skin is not at the stage to use this product, which is only applied at night. It didn’t make any significant changes to the way my skin looked when I was using it. Maybe using it along with the Daily reviving concentrate is what made my skin glow. Maybe maybe maybe! But I will say, if you are thinking about getting the Daily reviving concentrate, you should also get this. In all honesty, I have used this product mostly for my hands, yes I have a thing for very soft hands, and it has done a great job at meeting my needs.

// Blue herbal moisturizer

This is the moisturizer I am using at the moment. It is rich, hydrating and yet leaves your skin feeling very soft and mattified. It is oil-free as opposed to the 2 serums I was drenching my skin in, ha. Although I have been using this for a short time (I have been using the rest for more than 6 months now) I cannot complain, although I must say, my skin is starting to peel. If it is a lifesaver and helps with the acne, I will definitely write a post on it.

Who else has acne prone skin? What are you doing or using right to keep them at bay? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post. All the sentiment is an honest feeling from my skin. In case you have used the products and have different reactions, please refer to lessons above 🙂

Have a great week. Peace & love



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