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I have always watched YouTuber’s answer to various tags. I love the TMI answers given because most times it is either relatable or gives you something to ponder on and maybe incorporate into your lifestyle. I found this tag while watching my new favorite YT channel by Tamira Jarrel – sorry Patricia & Suzie 😛 – and thought it would be fun to take on as a blog post. So, let’s do this.

Personally, I get to have my me time over the weekend, which explains why I am such a homebody. My weekday usually involves the gym, an unpredictable work schedule, home to cook with the hubs, planning the next day and repeat. While the weekend allows me to sit back, relax, clear my head & get back to an energized state before the next week.

// What do you watch/read during me time?

I love series, the endless episodes and perhaps seasons. I watch Downton Abbey, Made in Chelsea, Game of Thrones (who doesn’t), Greys Anatomy (though Shonda needs to step her game up or end the series while it still has fans), Suits. Also a big YT fan, so I catch up on all my favorite channels. For my reads, it is usually the Bible or my devotional by Joyce Meyer as well as all my fav blogs. Yes, yes. I am reading much more than that but not in my me time.

// What do you wear during me time?

Without saying and giving away too much I will confess that I love being comfortable. So, you can only imagine what that means for my me time attire. Yes, you guessed right. An oversized tee.

// What are your me time beauty products?

A lip balm, a nourishing & hydrating hand cream (the ones from Crabtree & Evelyn are my favorite). I have also been using a facial oil, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s which can also be used for a mini pamper session by massaging your temples with it. Better yet, a few drops in your bath to relax. Literally a 5 in one. Score!

// Current favorite nail polish?

It has been a while since I applied nail polish. I have been loving Gel vanish which I wrote about here. But, if I could choose, it would have to be “tying the knot” from Essie.

// What do you eat/drink during me time?

Definitely snacking on nuts, like I am doing right now. For the drink, it would have to be Coca-cola which I am addicted to. If I am going through my guilt-free-healthy-phase, then water.

// Current favorite candle?

As much as I love candles, I am not advantaged to a variety of great brands. Also, have you experienced Dar es Salaam heat, phew. Nonetheless, I bought 2 Primark candles a while ago that I burn once in a while. The blogosphere has been going on about the Diptyque & Jo Malone candles, that I might pick up when I can.

// Do you ever have outdoor me time?

I love jogging, not only because I get that runners high but also because it’s a change of scenery from the office environment and better than sitting in traffic on the way home. My boo & I used to have picnics on a regular way back in the dating days *thinks to plan one* which were great.

// Would you ever see a movie alone?

Ha, no way. I just cannot, it’s just not me. I could take a walk/jog alone, but couldn’t go watch a movie or to a restaurant & other such like places alone.

// Favorite online shop?

Is this a trick question? I cannot name just one, c’mon but for the sake of the tag Stradivarius & ASOS

// Anything to add? What else do you do during me time?

I am a professional list maker. So during this time I plan and make all my to-do, to-buy, to-blog lists. I also write up and take all my bulk blog photos.

I hope this was a good read for you. I would like to tag the girls from Purely Galore, ItsMayaBee, Chic moments, Imigani, Chocolaty Prints, Mimi’s Looks & BooksTreycsmusings, Wolf & Moroko, 3rd Culture Chic & Breadsticks et vino to take on this tag to share their Me Time secrets.x

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  1. January 15, 2016 / 7:08 am

    Hehehehehehehe I was going through your post and enjoying it when I got to the end and saw the tags! Challenge Accepted. Good read as well El 🙂

  2. Esta Roquezan
    January 15, 2016 / 1:54 pm

    This is nice. But you do not have a button for sharing post onto social media or is it just me?

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