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South Africa

One of the things I have always wanted to tick off my bucket list is visiting a vineyard, ikr. To have my feet press upon the grapes, walking through the lanes, tasting whether the grapes are ready, aah the dreams. I am happy to say, that has been done. Well, not the press-feet-on-grapes part *maybe I should visit Italy next* but the whole experience of learning how wine is made.

If you are like me and are looking for a historical wine estate to expand your knowledge on the sauvignon blanc’s’, merlot’s…, can I recommend any of the Constantia estates, in particular, Groot Constantia. Located on the western end of Cape Town, the wine estate is one of the oldest with an interesting historical background. Including the fact that they have shipped wines to the likes of Napoleon, King Louis XVI of France, Count Otto Von Bismarck to mention a few.  I loved the fact that the estate gives you the liberty to tour all ends of the estate with the guide.

We were taken through the winemaking process, how it is stored for about a year before going out to market & of course the tasting. For the tasting, we had delectable chocolates to pair with the different wines which brought out more flavors of the wine. However, let’s just say some of those red wines will not be passing my lips any time soon. On the bright side though I fell much in love with their sauvignon blanc and cape ruby.

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