Paisley Kitenge


Just as some of us thought of hanging up our vitenge and dashiki printed outfits, wham! It makes a comeback with the likes of Bey and Breezy strutting the trend. I will admit, am rarely a fan kitenge. Not because it’s a print I have grown up seeing, nooo not at all! Not because I have seen families dress up in kitenge uniform from Father to fifth born, #guilty. The style has never grown on me, until recently.

So this outfit is styled with the paisley kitenge top and olive green hat that I picked up from the Pop Up Bongo event I blogged on a while ago. I went for these black tights on the bottom to give the look a casual-ish vibe while the nude heels to blend and give the look an effortless dress up feel. Did I succeed?

I won’t lie, I wouldn’t mind my whole family dressed in this print 😀 hmmm maybe I will be taking that back once Paul reads this post, ha.

What are the kitenge/dashiki trends you’re loving at the moment? Let me know in the comments below..

// Hat – Beauty Haven // Kitenge top – FT // Tights – Zara // Shoes – Zara

Kitenge Kitenge Kitenge Kitenge



  1. Winnie
    November 18, 2015 / 11:26 am

    Always rocking, your sense of fshion is off the hook… Thanks for shopping with us

    • Eleanor Mirembe
      November 18, 2015 / 12:34 pm

      Thanks Winnie, I love your accessories 🙂

  2. winnie
    November 18, 2015 / 11:27 am

    Thanks for shopping with us, the hat that is lol!

  3. Joanita
    November 19, 2015 / 5:55 am

    Killing it as always!!!

  4. Charity Ainembabazi
    November 23, 2015 / 12:29 pm

    There is many things I have in common with the words in this article; " The style has never grown on me…." Coincidentally, i thought to myself this morning, passing by the road side Kitenge shop on Kibuli Road, I should try one out. 🙂

    Stumbling on this good read was quite relieving on a boring afternoon. I am a ‘closed in’ individual that never really notices anything, except for the "never grown on me" thing. 🙂

  5. Charity Ainembabazi
    November 23, 2015 / 12:29 pm

    Oh and I am not a fashionista, but i do appreciate nice stuff whenever i notice them.

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