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While I am on that passion topic, let’s discuss the fact that I love eating out. Don’t get me wrong though I can whip up a pretty mean Potato & Bacon Salad, but there is something in trying out a different cuisine and style of cooking. Gordon has taught me well.

As long as I am in a new or same restaurant, I have to try out something new, of course, if my bank account agrees. I know, I know…pretty daring stuff so this means a hit or miss. Can you blame me though? I am a sucker for experimenting and trying out new things (tell that to my bed).

I have been to Terrace at The Slipway usually when there is Pop up Bongo which is during the day and can say it’s defo worth a visit for both the scenic view and delicious menu choices. When my husband suggested having dinner there, I was seriously skeptical but got with the program real fast.

Wait for it….

I was utterly blown away even without the impressive view; to be honest; it was date night so it didn’t take a lot of convincing. Nonetheless, the easy lounge music which consisted of covers from the 90’s soul genre set the right mood.

Famished, we attacked the well-selected menu that caters to everyone; vegetarians included. From pasta to pork, lobster, duck and everything in between, if I could I would but the decision came down to smoked-braised duck and grilled tuna for Le hubby.

I will say the prices are quite steep and would recommend the venue for a somewhat special night like a date or girls’ night out or even when entertaining a guest against everyday dining. Also, if you like your wine served by the glass, think again because most of their selections are served by the bottle…marinate on that for a bit. On the good side though, the service and general cozy atmosphere makes up for any of the flaws.

We had stuffed ourselves silly by the end of the meal but were pulled together for the last round by the waiter offering us the menu for dessert. There isn’t much on it…to be specific, there are only 3 options. I decided on the Banana and cardamom which is a banana crème Brulee served with ice cream and passion.

Icing to the whole meal? Not quite, although delicious and full of interesting flavors, the crème Brulee had been burnt for a little longer than it should’ve been. So cracking through the caramelized sugar was quite a tough one. But once through, the banana exploded in my mouth with great sweetness.

As you can gather, I would defo recommend a trip to Terrace at The Slipway. So get some friends or one and be sure to tell me your experience.

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