Friday Brunching

Protea Brunching

On Good Friday before the weekend got fully booked with Easter activities, my family & I got to celebrate a bit and had brunch over at Kampala Protea. In my entire living years; that the hotel has been in existence, of course, it has never crossed my mind at all to head over to Protea for a meal (maybe a case of not pushing comms on what they are great at), but I am glad I had the chance to dine there.

If you are one of those larger than life breakfast people, I’m sure the options from Protea will satisfy you. The staff were friendly and the variety to choose from encouraging a lot of pigging out. Isn’t it funny how we have all these things in front of us but never reach out to adventure? Cheers to more adventure, exploration and curiosity in our surroundings. Has anyone dined from Protea? I have heard that their lunch buffet is divine? Thoughts?

What did you get up to over the Easter break?

Protea Brunching Protea Brunching Protea Brunching Protea Brunching Protea Brunching


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