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Rachel Mzengi

No, that’s not me. I didn’t have plastic surgery. No that’s not a guest writer on the blog, we aren’t there yet. What this is, is part of a new series I have started here at About September. To expound more, each month I will feature a new personality, interviewing them on different topics of their lives; be it career, fashion or lifestyle based questions. Today we get to know the face behind Perpetual Encounters.

// You started your blog Perpetual Encounters 5 months ago, what was your inspiration for starting a blog?

It’s more of a ‘who’ actually. I always wanted to share my love of poetry and writing but I never had the innate confidence that what I wrote was worth sharing with anyone. But then someone new in my life had given me the inspiration I needed to share and continue writing.

// What does Perpetual Encounters mean to you? Why did you choose that as your blog name?

Perpetual Encounters is my own space where I can illustrate and express my thoughts, feelings and past memories through different forms of writing. I chose it because I see everything in my life as a never-ending tale

// Most of your posts are very poetic and deep so to speak, is there a reason behind this direction?

Yes, I’m a very emotional person. To me, human emotions are very enticing and I believe illustrating the emotions that come from different life encounters through poetry, short stories, art, music etc. is a beautiful form of expression

// Where do you see Perpetual Encounters going this year?

I see it growing in term of fans, stories and pictures (photographs). I also see it sharing more deeper and hidden encounters

// You lived in Maryland, Washington DC but decided to come back to Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. What do you find most inspiring about the fashion scene?

Colors!!!! The rich colors that come from the Kitenge fabric, the Masai-made shoes, bags and jewelry. There is not much of such in the States. My mom had brought the sandals and the bracelets when I was in high-school. All my friends had asked where I got them and if my mom could bring them some. I even had a pair of sandals stolen from my gym locker one time (laughs)

// Describe Dar in 3 words?

Crowded, lively, saddening

// What are your favorite shopping spots in Dar?

I love going to Mwenge; the small shops on the main road is where I get my beaded bracelets, Masai shoes and Kitenge dresses made. Hunter blue in Slipway has all the latest dresses, hats and sunglasses. Msasani Mall; has amazing stuff as well- from beautiful party dresses, laid back pajamas, and cool looking blazers. At Vicky’s lingerie in Kinondoni; well let’s just say its the only place I would go in Dar to get the stuff I need to create content for my nightlife 😉

// What makes you pick one piece over another when you’re out shopping? What is important for a piece to stand out? (Pic of one of your most standout pieces whether jewelry, clothing, shoes…)

When I’m shopping I look for quality. Whatever I buy must last me a good year. But I’m obsessed with EARRINGS! Especially long ones (one of the reasons why I keep my hair short). Every shopping day, I must buy earrings. The main reason why is because I didn’t have pierced ears when I was young, and my father didn’t want me to pierce my ears for some unknown reason. But I got them done when I went to college 4 years ago and since then I have a collection of 35 pairs of earrings (laughs)

// Practical and comfy or chic and terribly uncomfortable?

Definitely, practical and comfy

// What’s your next favorite thing to do next to blogging?


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Rachel Mzengi Rachel Mzengi


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