Let’s ace the Base

Ace the base

I have never been that talented at applying makeup. Yes, even after watching the gagillion YouTube tutorial’s Patricia Bright films. I think to some people it comes naturally, others you have to take time. And that is when things go south for me. But! There is hope for those like me.

I recently attended Secret Habit’s Pop Up event where they teamed up with Atsoko to fuse fashion and beauty. Really cool event. Anywho, I decided to go over to the Make up booth for a consultation. The really kind lady explained everything and assured me that once you have the right product, makeup is a breeze.

I can say that I totally believe that. We are all so used to thinking that Mac is the only product but sometimes you gotta venture to find what works for you. Yes, you might go through a ton of products before you find the right one (sounds something like Prince Charming, no?) But the end justifies the means, so they say.

I totally love sleek’s cream to powder base. You can apply a medium to full coverage depending on your application. It comes with a makeup sponge, but I don’t think anything beats my Real Techniques buffing brush. It’s so easy and gives a natural look.

Every tried sleek’s make up? What are your thoughts?

Ace the base


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