My 9 – 5 Makeup Bag

makeup bag

I absolutely love looking at different makeup bags because they give me a few ideas on what I should be using to become a better lady. I know like me, there are many girls out there that wish they could have everything together without putting in all the effort. Who relates? You know, having your hair done, makeup right, outfit pressed and carrying the grace that comes with looking fit.

I decided to give you all a sneak peek into my makeup bag not because am a superstar makeup artist, but to inspire the simple girls out there to know that they can do it. At the end of the day, we all want to look good and that does not come easy. You need to put your back into it…kinda.

I got my bag from boots for a good fiver…score. Am sure there several out there of the same nature. What I love about this particular one is its simplicity and functionality. The fact that it’s all black, is a major win + the different partitions.

I do not apply that much makeup on a daily basis with the exception of wearing a sassy lip color. But I think its always best to be prepared for anything. So there you have it…my 9 to 5 workday makeup bag.

makeup bag makeup bag makeup bag makeup bag


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