Red is my favorite lip color. There is something vibrant about it that instantly boosts your confidence, right? It’s one of those colors that suits every skin tone, complexion you name it. I know I have had my fair share of trials to see what texture works best for me and at what times. To get a sexy red pout though, there are a few stages I need to go through:

//moisturizer, moisturizer, moisturizer. Gives a smooth run over for your desired stick

//use a lip liner. It helps to really define your lips

So back to the red, it takes a while to cozy up to the color for those of you that are shy and you have to know which types work best for you.

Matte, Velvet finish//

These are usually drying…kinda, sorta. I reserve this finish for either a night out or meeting up with friends because I personally feel there is something sexy about how this finish makes me look. Everyone’s favorite of course MAC’s Ruby woo but I also love the cheaper dupe (sorta) Sleek’s  Vamp for a Matte finish and Topshop’s Really Ruby for a Velvet finish

Satin, Sheen feel//

These have a glossy ish finish to them. I love No 7’s Glam because as well as being sheer, it has a high sp15 that helps protect the lips. Also from Kate’s collection with Rimmel Kiss of life and Apocalips Across the Universe


I love this moisturizing stick for an everyday look. I like the color Rimmel’s In love with Ginger gives off however I hate the smell…but I will be fine.

So what’s your favorite finish?




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