5 alternatives to Valentine’s Day dinners

Valentine's day

Guys, lovers’ day is upon us, in exactly 12 hours, the restaurants will be filled with ladies dressed in red and gents in black, flowers being delivered to offices, couples holding hands as they walk and the extreme PDA….facepalm. Wait, does all this still happen anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for lover’s day but in case you want to skip on all the clichè stuff, below is my guide to alternatives for the whole dinner shenanigans:

// Watch some serious romcoms

I mean, Netflix and chill isn’t dead people. Cozy up at home and watch some of the greatest romcoms out there. Cheesy, I know but I have come a long way from being that person that hated Lover’s day. Best part is that single or not, Galentine’s, these are still some of the best movies you can watch —>

i. Permission (this is a good one to catch especially on V/Galentine’s Day, I mean are you with the right person?)

ii. The Mountain Between Us (very good skills on what communication is all about)

iii. Home Again (geez these movie choices doe)

iv. Pretty Woman (because all of us have something to show than the first impression shows of us)

// Treat yourself &/or your manz

If there is one day in the year you should be selfless, is the day you show yourself/both you & your partner some love. So, skip work and show yourselves some love…(DISCLAIMER I am not enabling bad habits here), eat out by yourself (I still cannot bring myself to do so), go to the spa, get your nails done, book a couples massage. Whatever it is, do something that both of you will find relaxing.

// Get out of your comfort zone

This is the best time to do something you never ever thought you would do all in the name of love. Go hiking, camping (no thank you from me for that), skiing, painting or whatever. Put yourself out there and you will get the best back. I guarantee that. Although camping is still a NO from me! Sorry!

// Be intimate

Get your head out of the gutter. What I mean is that be intimate with yourself/the person you are in a relationship with. This can vary from spending time together and talking to touch to just understanding the state of mind you/yourself are feeling. I think this is the most important take away from all this. Lover’s day, Valentine’s/Galentine’s does not make sense unless you understand what you or your partner are feeling. So turn the lights down low and question the direction both you & your partner/yourself are taking. The first question to get you started is that: New years was just a few days ago, are you still on track with your goals? Ha!

// Do you

If you are like me and lover’s day is all just a big joke, I mean, why should it be cramped up in one day? I have written about that in a previous post here. Then do what makes you happy. If getting up and telling the person you love is enough, then so be it. If it’s cooking or doing what they like, doing something out of the blue. Do you. I guess at the end of the day, what I have learnt is that putting the other person in our lives first is what matters. So do that/do you. You are the only person in the relationship. Whether with yourself or with someone else.

Don’t sweat it, it’s only one day in the whole 356, what will you do the rest of the days? That is the big question I have for you?

Valentine's day Valentine's day Valentine's day


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