Being Original


I will say this, I am a Nike girl through and through and yet, here we are. Something inside me clicked over last year and I started paying more attention to the brand. First, it was that advert “Your future is not mine“. Then the “Original is never finished” campaign. I love the ethos and creative vibe behind all the original campaigns thus me loving some of their clothing pieces. But watching their latest ad got me thinking about being original.

Original to me means being true to myself. We live in a day and age where everything is shared on social media and if that tickles your fancy, go for it. If you want to hide some things and leave them personal, go for it. I mean Kylie Jenner hid a pregnancy for 9 months keeping us all guessing so why can’t you. If you want to change your career to become an artist, musician or chef and step out of the status quo you have grown up seeing then do that. Life at the end of the day is literally what you make it. Very cliche but also so very true when you think about it.

So many times we think of life as this straight path, go to school -> get a job -> get married -> have children and grow old. There are so many routes to that and dots to fill in. I personally want to travel that world, my dream job needs to give me that at the end of the day. Whether I will be working for myself to make that happen or with an amazing organization, then that is what has to happen. Our children have to experience the world and take in so much. I talk so much about travel that I need to turn this blog into a travel site..ha.

At the end of the day, question yourself, are you happy waking up to your job every morning, are you truly being original to your passion?

Okie, so to the outfit. I am not one to love branded t-shirts. You know like the one’s companies give you in a hamper or when you have participated in one of their “competitions”..yuck. But I fell in love with this one. I have had my eye on it for a while and originally wanted it in yellow (obvs), forest green or red. Went to the store not far from home and guess what, they only had men’s sizes. It was on sale for like a quarter the full price so you know what that meant. SOLD. I have also been living in these boots because I cannot deal with the cold. 😛

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend, and try to push yourself to do something true to yourself.

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