Kiehl’s radiance masque

Kielhs radiance mask

If you are an avid reader of this site, you must’ve read about me raving about the Kiehl’s skincare products before. I have been using their products consistently for about 3 years and are the biggest range in my skincare routine. Since moving, the weather makes my skin feel dry and meh, if you know what I mean. So I needed something that will make me look alive and feel fresh.

To be honest I was torn between picking up the Calendula & Aloe soothing hydration mask or this one. But was sold on the seeds this contains. That way it doubles as a mask and scrub of sorts. I have been using this once a week when I feel like the weather has had its fair share of dulling me out. As all masks, I apply this in the evening after cleansing and leave it on for about ten to fifteen minutes then rinse off with a warm face cloth. Once applied, I do not feel that really tightened feeling most masks give you, it is quite comfortable but you do feel it doing its work.

Are there immediate after-effects? Heck yes. The skin feels much better, smoother and looks like I have just had a facial giving me a natural glow that lasts several days. What I have noticed over the time of using this is that most of the spots that I get have reduced which must be due to the turmeric ingredient. Turmeric is one of the most popular natural ingredients to use for your skincare routine. Google it if you don’t take my word for it.

I would definitely recommend this product as well as any of the Kiehl’s products because they are simply effective in doing what is said on the label. Are there any skincare brands you wouldn’t live without? Leave me a comment below, I would be interested in knowing.

kielhs radiance mask


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