Una buona cena at Zuane


When I think about Italy, river cruises that take in areas like the Venice Lagoon, driving one of the beautiful Ferrari, Maserati (the list can go on) cars, strolling through the enchanting vineyards, watching the Calcio, sitting front row at the Milan Fashion Week and perhaps hunting down some white truffles in Tuscany. Fantasies aside, I have never been to Italy and know not much about the country. In fact, the closest Italy is to me, is my neighbor at work Stefano. But my imagination believes it is a warm, romantic and enchanting piece of this earth that we all need to visit.

Back to Dar es Salaam, somewhere along Mzinga way is Zuane una buona cena that I only discovered a few months ago when I met a girl of mine for dinner. Thinking about it, the 3 times I have been there have been for dinner **finds excuse to return, this time during the day.** The menu features seafood dishes to steaks and without a doubt pasta in all its forms.

The occasion that led to my last visit this week was the departure of a friend that had been in the country. We opted for a liter of their house wine which we thought would not be enough. We were wrong, it was more than enough for three people. I love that they provide a light appetizer of fresh bread and tomatoes, before every main meal. Yes, the appetizer is on the house. I decided to go for the pappardelle Zuane with spinach and ham which was divine. The cost of most dishes is affordable which is great considering they give huge servings and the food is delicious. Our total, three meals and the liter of wine came to Tsh 83,000, which compared to other restaurants is a miracle.

The restaurant is heart-achingly beautiful, in an honest homely and dimly-lit way. It is cozy and intimate enough for a special gathering as it exudes a gracefully aged atmosphere. The staff were friendly in their service and I will be heading there very soon again. Meravigliosa serata

Have any of you been to Zuane? What was your experience there?

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