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Faze 3

It’s neither throwback Thursday nor flashback Friday, but it could very well be Memories Monday back to the Easter break. I have always had the wanderlust view to go out and adventure never really getting homesick, but the break over everything else truly showed me that east or west, home is definitely without a doubt best.

Since getting married, **oh snap oh snap** we haven’t been home so this was the time to properly catch up with everyone since the showdown. Apart from spending most of the time on the road, we stayed in Entebbe’s finest for a few nights. Faze 3, therefore, became our eatery choice while there.

// Down to it:

It has been a while since I was last there and I haven’t been to it in the evening, so this gave it a new feel; kinda/sorta.┬áTheir mocktails or fresh juice are the (a lil too sweet for those that like their drinks sugarless) & definitely a must-try if u find yourself unsure about what to pick on their drinks menu. To be honest, though their food was just mehnnn. I do not think my taste buds would make me crave anything I had there.

On the bright side though, if you ever find yourself in the area and would like to unwind, the ambiance is quite serene and calming. Great for a cuppa tea and a great chat.

Have you been to Faze 3? I know they had another restaurant in Kampala town? Is it still in existence? Perhaps that will be my next adventure or I will do a series on all the Faze 3 restaurants and do a comparison **light bulb moment.** Tell me if that tickles your fancy for me to make it work.

Peace & love.x

Faze 3 Faze 3 Faze 3 Faze 3 Faze 3 Faze 3 Faze 3


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  1. Joanita
    April 16, 2015 / 8:12 am

    Awww beanie…your blog is one of a kind!!

    • Eleanor Mirembe
      April 16, 2015 / 11:03 pm

      Thanks for the support my angel. Soon I will be featuring Mikazi products <3

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