The French know skin

French skin

Call me biased but when it comes to skincare products, I trust the French cause I believe they gat it in the bag :). To be honest with you, I don’t have a whole lot of skincare products. My routine usually takes about less than 5 mins depending on the occasion and am out the door. What I have noticed though over time, is that they are effective…it goes without saying that consistency is key here.

I do not have the most perfect of skin, but I am definitely a far cry from what I used to have. Sometimes you have to make a personal commitment to ensure that you’re doing your skin a huge favor. By this I mean, no picking at your pimples, drinking loads of water {I know, am still struggling with this one} and being patient and consistent with your products.

Due to the acne I had, I was left with lots of scars and open pores. I have found that using Avène’s TriAcnèal Treatment cream helped to reduce the number of pimples that occurred over time. Once that was sorted, I incorporated a serum; La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo to be exact to my regime. This has really helped my skin heal from all the damage.

You know how people tell you that sleeping with makeup on is bad for your skin…yep it’s so true. I am the biggest defaulter here. I am so lazy at taking my makeup off after a night out. The geniuses of LOréal created this Purifying Micellar Solution that helps to remove traces of makeup. Its a cheaper dupe to another great French product Bioderma.

The Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm caused a frenzy last year when it was launched. Almost all beauty gurus on YouTube couldn’t stop raving about it. Now am not one of those people that’s sucked in by advertising….SYKE…since I went and bought it. Initially, I thought I had just thrown money down the drain. However, a few weeks ago my lips got chapped so I put it to the test. Before sleeping I slapped on a good layer {its not easy} but when I woke up, babies would be jealous of how soft my lips were.

**I am not saying this is the be-all & end-all of your skin problems. But think about it like Kissing frogs before meeting Prince Charming. You have to test the water before you find what works for you. Patience and consistency is the key. Rome wasn’t built in one day and neither will the damage you have caused onto your skin heal in hours**

Biased much? Have you tried any French products? Do we share the same thoughts? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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