Sangria Lemon Twist


A really spontaneous decision I must say, to try this recipe which by the way has been truly inspired by the weather. Hit or miss, I don’t know, but what am sure of is that it tastes really great.

My kitchen pretty much also suggested this recipe as all the ingredients were literally staring at me. The wine I used is pretty strong, so I didn’t use 2 different wines which is usually the case with sangria. This twist is so simple to make, if I could do it, then you will too.

What I used:

  • Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc {I guess any white wine will do}
  • Fresh Lime and Lemon
  • Lime cordial

The Mix:

  • Squeeze up the lime into a jar
  • Cut lemon into chunks and place in the jar
  • Pour desired amount of wine into the jar and muddle
  • Pour a small amount of the lime cordial into the jar and you’re ready to indulge

I was going for a more relaxing drink than a get-hammered drink. I would try this recipe again but with a sweeter wine. If any of you try this out, do let me know your thoughts.


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